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Affiliate Program

The Wisebitcoin Affiliate Program is designed to offer you best-of-market rebates whilst maximizing your growth potential and profitability with our bespoke trading environment. Benefit from the widest product range and lowest spreads in the market from the best prices. Being a Partner with Wisebitcoin will not only allow you to increase your profitability compared to any other market, but also enhance your client acquisition and retention with pioneering trading platforms that provide true "One Account, Ten Platforms". Become an Affiliate and start making money on every client you introduce.

Benefits for Wisebitcoin Affiliate

Wisebitcoin offers highest commissions for Affiliates in the industry.

Comparison Table for Affiliate Commissions
  • Standard Affiliate Commissions (contract trade)
  • ex) Total trade volume is 100,000 USDT
  • (Assuming Maker 50,000 USDT, Taker 50,000 USDT)
Standard commissions % Affiliate commission Commission Type
Wisebitcoin 30% $13.5 Maker and Taker
OKEX 30% $10.5 Maker and Taker
Binance 20% $6 Maker and Taker
BitMEX 10% $3.75 Taker only
Huobi 40% $12 Maker and Taker
FTX 30% $10.5 Taker only
Bybit 20% $7.5 Taker only
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Wisebitcoin’s CRM helps Affiliates manage customers with transparency unlike any other. Once approved, Affiliates are automatically given access to CRM portal.

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Wisebitcoin analytics reports real time rebates and trading status to monitor customer transactions for all Affiliates.

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Wisebitcoin Affiliate program is designed to earn steady rebates without initial investments.

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Successful Affiliates will be offered to open branch offices to represent Wisebitcoin brand. It is a great opportunity for any Affiliates to grow the customer network.

Wisebitcoin Advantages

To provide the best customer experience, Wisebitcoin customer services department is open 365 days a year.
For the global trading community, we have customer service specialists in many languages:
English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Korea, Romanian, and much more.

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24/7 support

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Competitive and lowest spreads with multiple trading platforms choice

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Safe Client Funds Depository,
IT system designed for Cryptocurrency margin trading

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Global Office Locations

IT Support

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Account Management System

Wisebitcoin provides real time data for all customer activities to Affiliates. In the system, Affiliates can monitor trades, balances and the commissions, etc.

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Designated Accounts

Wisebitcoin offers Affiliate accounts designed to make it easier to identify where the commissions are coming from. The tool allows the users to analyze the commission data with accuracy apart from crypto exchange portal.

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User Friendly Platform

Wisebitcoin provides Affiliates with the user-friendly websites and mobile version to be able to check and manage customers and commissions.